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Belcolade Dark Chocolate 55% Buttons

Belcolade Dark Chocolate 55% Buttons

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Standard dark chocolate droplets with 55.7% of cocoa mass which offers a perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness

  • Real Belgian chocolate crafted from over 30 years of experience
  • Superior taste thanks to a high control of the fermentation process
  • Sustainable chocolate supporting cocoa farmers via the Chocolate Bonus

Balanced dark chocolate with an intense long lasting cocoa flavour, with a fresh fruity note & a slightly roasted cocoa taste At the heart of Belcolade chocolate is its unrivalled taste.

Outstanding flavours that come from the careful selection of the best quality cocoa beans from around the globe. This is complemented by a chocolate making process that we have perfected over decades of experience. Mastering all the steps such as refining and conching we guarantee the truly real Belgian chocolate experience.

Customer advantages

  • Well-balanced superior taste, developed to fit all types of patisserie and chocolate applications
  • Performance for an easy use for all viscosities and required finished applications
  • Unique storytelling opportunities
  • Support cocoa farmers

Consumer advantages

  • Unique and distinctive taste
  • Premium quality
  • Sustainable chocolate, so chocolate can be enjoyed for generations to come
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