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BT090 - Silicon Spatula Mat

BT090 - Silicon Spatula Mat

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A 100% Silicone Spatula Mat is designed with you in mind. Keeping your surfaces clean while griddling, whether your countertop or griddle side shelf, has never been easier with the Spatula Mat. The Silicone Spatula Mat is made with 100% silicone and is packed with features. It’s the perfect place to rest your griddle tools while not in use. It is heat resistant, which allows you to rest it right next to your griddle top. It is also easy to clean, and features a built-in hanger, so you can hang the mat up for storage, or by your griddle for your convenience. There's never been an easier decision to make in keeping your griddle area clean.


  • Made with 100% silicone
  • Protects countertops or griddle shelves from grimy spatulas, knives, and tongs
  • Heat resistance allows you to set the mat right next to your griddle
  • Easy to clean for your convenience
  • Features a built-in hanger for storage or accessibility at the griddle 

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