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Asia Tech Color Dust 10gm

Asia Tech Color Dust 10gm

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Dust is actually a type of powder which is used to decorate cakes and candies with glitter and sparkle. Widely used by bakers and confectioners, the powder doesn’t have any taste. Titanium dioxide, iron oxide, carmine, and mica are some of the common ingredients which are used to produce dust. While the dust is widely used and has become common for party cakes, you should also know that not all types of dust are edible.

It is so easy to apply dust on fondant. All you need is the paintbrush and some dexterity in your hands. If you want to attain a high consistency and a smooth look, you can try adding a few drops of alcohol-based liquid to the dust and use it as the painting color. Majority of the dust is non-water soluble, so do not mix water to your dust.

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