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Indcresa Alkalized Cocoa Powder 10/12% Fat

Indcresa Alkalized Cocoa Powder 10/12% Fat

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Cocoa powder alkalized Indcresa PV-7  Alkalization is used to reduce the acidity of cocoa, which removes excessive bitterness and sour taste, fully reveals the aroma, and already speeds up the cooking process, because. does not require pre-boiling.

Packing: powder :
bag 25 kg 

1 kg loose pack 
500 grams loose pack
250 grams Loose Pack
Manufacturer: Indcresa
Country of origin: Spain
Alkalization strong (PH): 7.9-8.9%
Color: Intense black
Compound: alkalized cocoa powder  (fat content 10-12%)
Application: Dessert decoration Chocolate mousses, biscuits, creams, ice cream, sorbets Rolling truffles or sprinkling other products.

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