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Madagascar Black Bourbon Vanilla Pods 1kg pack

Madagascar Black Bourbon Vanilla Pods 1kg pack

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Madagascar Vanilla Beans - Gourmet Bourbon Grade A. Great for baking, making pure vanilla extract, vanilla paste etc. Average length of at least 5 inches

  • 100% Authentic and Responsibly sourced: Spice Bay Madagascar Vanilla Beans are grown in Madagascar. They are directly and sustainably sourced from Malagasy farmers at fair market prices
  • Labor of Love: The beans are hand pollinated, harvested at peak maturity and, delicately cured over several months to preserve moisture and high vanillin content. The artisan curing style ferments the green vanilla pods; intensifying the distinctive aromas and natural flavor complexity.
  • Quality Bourbon beans: These bourbon vanilla beans are smooth, soft, and flexible with an average moisture content of 30%-38%!!! They are dense with seeds and overflowing with vanilla essential oils; retaining long-lasting flavor and aroma. The average length of each bean is 5-6 in. To preserve the superior quality of the beans, they are vacuum packed and sealed

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