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Nevada Red Label Yeast 500gms

Nevada Red Label Yeast 500gms

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Instant and easy to use, Nevada® yeast can be used for all types of salty or sweet pains on all types of bread-making regimen. Nevada® yeast is easy to use with incorporation into the kneader in a jiffy and efficient with excellent fermentation combined with speed of use to save time!


Which advantages does this offer to you?

  • Easier to increase your performance thanks to its high fermentation power.
  • Easier to use thanks to its wide spectrum of applications and a capacity for rapid and uniform mixing with the rest of the ingredients in the kneader. Just add the Nevada® yeast to the dough with the other ingredients and mix everything together.
  • Easier to maintain performance because Nevada® yeast retains its fermentative properties throughout its lifespan.
  • Easier to store: Nevada® yeast weighs 3 to 4 times less than pressed yeast, which allows less storage and therefore easier. With its compact size of 500g, it can be stored even in confined spaces.
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