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Puratos CARAT Coverlux Milk Chocolate

Puratos CARAT Coverlux Milk Chocolate

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Carat Coverlux Milk Coating / Compound Chocolate, delivers a pure milk chocolate color with a smooth and milky chocolate taste.
High-quality coating offers a melting profile similar to real chocolate to deliver a smooth, well balance flavors.
Does not require tempering and is extremely easy to use.
Cures "HARD" and is superb for hand dipping candies, moulding, enrobing, chocolate shavings and chocolate decorations.
Results are a shiny appearance, excellent snap and melting behaviors, with well-balanced chocolate flavors due the careful selection of the finest cocoa powders.

Formed into individual wafers for easy accurate measuring and quick melting!

Net weight: 25 lbs.
Brand name: Carat Coverlux Milk
Kosher Dairy
By world renowned producer Puratos                                                           Made in Thiland

Coating Chocolate is also known as compound chocolate, confectionery compound or nontempering chocolate. This is not true chocolate, because it does not contain cocoa butter.                             

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