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Round Cake Pan GI

Round Cake Pan GI

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  • Ideal for making delicious fruit and sponge cakes, including impressive wedding and celebration cakes in tiers using matching Pans
  • Handcrafted cake pans with straight edges perfect for oven baking
  • Provide consistent heat distribution for even baking result
  • Natural and safe to use without any non-stick coating

Whether you are professional baker or hobby enthusiast, you will be pleasantly amazed with the baking experience. The cake Pans have been hand crafted and may have seam yet elegant, sturdy and unique. The accurate dimension makes it easy and swift to make a perfect multilayer wedding cake. However, the Pans can be used for individual size cakes for birthday or other celebrations, or just use a few of the Pans for any other number of tiers! Preheat the oven · Use the butter to grease the Pans before baking · Leave the cake to cool down for 10 minutes before release · Hand wash with warm soapy water and keep dry for thorough cleaning ·

Available sizes
 3 INCH x 2.5”  Deep
 4 INCH x 2.5”  Deep
 5 INCH x 2.5”  Deep
 6 INCH x 2.5”  Deep
 7 INCH x 2.5”  Deep
 8 INCH x 2.5”  Deep
 9 INCH x 2.5”  Deep
10 INCH x 2.5”  Deep
12 INCH x 2.5”  Deep

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