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Silicon Cakesicles Popsicles Mold 8 Cavity With Stick

Silicon Cakesicles Popsicles Mold 8 Cavity With Stick

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This Popsicle molds are made of premium food grade silicone.

Cake popsicle molds are great for all kinds of popsicle desserts and homemade cakesicles. Silicone ice cream molds can safe use in oven, microwave and freezer. Wide temperature range: -76℉ to 446℉.

You can make more popsicles at a time in more tastes. The cakesicle molds silicone are easy to use, as flat design, ice lolly can be decorated easily with fruit, candy, and nut.

Easy to create your unique frozen treats, just filling ice creams, yogurt, purees, fruits, pudding, chocolate or jam into homemade popsicle molds, after frozen, you will get your own unique ice popsicles.

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