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Vizyon Whipping Cream Powder 1kg

Vizyon Whipping Cream Powder 1kg

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  • It enables you to prepare tasty, attractive and smoothly textured desserts, cakes and cream fillings. Also, it can easily incorporate colors and flavors for a variety of cake designs and requirement finishes
  • Cakes masked or filled with Vizyon cream can be stored chilled, frozen for future sale, or displayed at ambient temperature.
  • Ideal to use in place of buttercream for cake icing and decorating, it will hold intricate designs even when stored at ambient temperatures
  • Vizyon Whipping Cream is ideal for masking cakes before applying Vizyon Glazes and Ganache Sauces
  • It is also fabulous to use for ice cream, fruits, mousses and other desserts as an ingredient or a decorative topping
  • Gluten Free and Halal Certified


The following will make around 600g of whipped cream which will cover approximately 3 to 4 normal sized 8-inch cakes.

200 grams of Whipping Cream powder
340 ml water
Place Stella Whipping Cream packet in the fridge for around 15 minutes or more before use.

Note - the product doesn’t need refrigerating but it will perform better if it has been cooled down before using.

• Place 200g of whipping cream into the mixer bowl

• Add 340ml of water – for a firmer cream we recommend to use chilled water at around 10-12 degrees or out of the fridge. Chilled water is not necessary but will make the whipped cream firmer for use.

• Premix the powder by hand whisk in a mixers bowl to assist in circulating all the powder through the mix.

• Set the mix in a mixer for 1 min on slow speed followed by 6 min on fast speed. Ensure that product is mixed for the full time period. The product will appear to be ready however you will need at least a minimum of 6 minutes mixing for best results

Your whipped cream is now ready for use.


• If you only use water in the mix the product will be ambient temperature stable meaning the product will not spoil in room temperature.

• Any leftover mixed whipped cream may be left in the fridge for up to a week after mixing and can be re-used. Add a little bit of water and re-whisk the mix before re-using.

• Milk or any other flavored juice such as orange juice can also be used to change the flavor of the whipped cream. You should use a lesser amount of liquid when not using water.

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